About Us

Jump2Spot was inspired by a place that is "2/3 magic" and "1/3 real.”

At Caffe Vivaldi, an inspiring creative community makes magic happen in 685 sq ft of space. It’s a gift to still be able to get a nourishing taste of Greenwich Village, “live” on a street where Bob Dylan was Freewheelin’.

Bob Dylan wrote/recorded 700 songs in New York City, marking Manhattan more than any other pioneer.

We wanted to map magical stories of creative spirits and frontier pioneers. In doing so, you can see where magic intersects.

See New York’s richest online library of stories. Every story - with video/picture and map - is within six degrees (links) from Caffe Vivaldi. 15,000 iconic moments have been geo-tagged: Where a song, book or poem was written; where a movie or tv scene was shot; where a painting or photograph took place; or where a meeting made history happen. See footprints of trailblazers like Bob Dylan. See new headlines nearby. Search by address, name or place.

This start up is from a team who helped power photos at 11,000 locations for Live Earth, an event “inspiring 2 billion people.”